17 May 2006

Be Careful Who You Google

Insomnia stretches through another night. There’s not much to do at 3 a.m. I’m too restless to watch a movie, too restless to read a book. Hell, I’m too restless to read Entertainment Weekly. So, to pass the early-morning hours, I go to Google — that great friend of insomniacs the world over — and look up old beaux, long-lost friends, people I just kind of know. Deep down, I must have known what I was looking for. But it still stopped my heart cold. Someone I thought I knew … someone I adored and confided in and leaned on … someone I trusted completely … so not the person I thought. Lies. Bald-face lies. Just a common, mediocre, selfish, not-so-special person.

I’ve always been too naïve and trusting. I know that. But I thought I’d grown smart, that my intuitions were dead-on, when it came to those who get close. Dumb girl, once again. I put too many people on pedestals.

Don’t worry; I won’t go all can’t-trust-anyone on you. And this is not something I want to talk about; in fact, I turned off the comments option for this post. I need to deal with this on my own.

But you've been warned: Don't Google 'em unless you really want to know.


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