26 July 2006

Guilty Pleasures Week: Richard Curtis Collection

If Richard Curtis wrote it, I probably love it. And Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are probably in it, which are added bonuses. Here are my Curtis classics (hey, I left a couple off the list):

The Tall Guy (1989)
A brilliant mocking of all things Andrew Lloyd Webber, featuring a musical of The Elephant Man. I’ve had a thing for Jeff Goldblum since The Fly. (The Fly, not The Big Chill or Transylvania 6-5000? Yes, The Fly. His vulnerability, I guess. And he’s tall and dark-haired and intelligent and self-deprecating.) The Tall Guy is funny, sweet, and includes my favorite film sex scene, with Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson; all bedrooms should be destroyed that completely the first time.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
My first real introduction to the greatest head of hair in Hollywood (although I did enjoy Hugh’s Chopin to Judy Davis’ George Sand in Impromptu). Light, romantic, funny, sad. Hugh exudes charm (and great hair) in every scene, and the rest of the characters are perfect. Even Andie McDowell’s wooden line readings in the final scene can’t ruin Four Weddings and a Funeral for me (damn, I wish I had her hair). The WE network seems to be required by the FCC to broadcast Four Weddings and a Funeral at least twice each weekend, so I can pretty much pick up during any of the weddings and watch through to the rainstorm and Elton John's cover of "Going to the Chapel."

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)
It’s rare to love the book and the movie; this is one of those rare times. As I mentioned in a recent weekend wrap-up, I love my Bridget. I’ve seen it so many times I can tell you how many minutes in for Hugh Grant’s big entrance and that look Colin Firth gives at the birthday party. It’s funny, it’s romantic, it’s a little too parallel with my life at times. I can repeat the dialog, complete with facial expressions and arm movements. I can even tell you what tunes are playing in the background during crucial scenes (best use of a song: Shelby Lynne’s “Dreamsome” during the birthday party dinner).

Love Actually (2003)
Richard Curtis + Hugh Grant + Colin Firth = romantic gold. Every time. But Love Actually goes further, bringing in Liam Neeson and several beautiful boys we’ve never really seen before (yeah, the women are gorgeous, too, but I’m writing this post). Again, it’s light and romantic and sweet — and Hugh Grant picks the chick with meat on her bones. Emma Thompson should have been nominated for her scene in the bedroom after she opens her Christmas gift; rips my heart out every time. Love Actually leaves me wanting to spend Christmas in London. If I were Richard Curtis, I would have cut the storyline with the guy going to Wisconsin; the rest of the vignettes I love.

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At 7/26/2006 07:12:00 AM, Blogger Marni said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Love Actually. Hugh Grant dancing and the card flipping scenes are my absolute favorites. (Wouldn't you love for a guy to do that for you? How romantic!)

I love the way all the stories tie together... plus, I could watch Liam Neeson reading in the bathroom and still be enthralled. He is such a babe!

At 7/26/2006 01:01:00 PM, Blogger haahnster said...

I haven't seen any of these 4. But, re: Andie's hair, I think Nancy Travis had roughly the same 'do, just lighter brown...

At 7/26/2006 02:06:00 PM, Blogger patrick said...

'the tall guy' is great - and that love scene is the best

At 7/26/2006 02:09:00 PM, Blogger barista brat said...

'four weddings and a funeral' is practically flawless. i would have chose either a different actress than andi mcdowell, or a different hairstyle. beth, please explain what you liked about her hair.

never saw 'bridget jones' diary' but i read the book - twice! once in english and once in french.

and i agree with you about 'love actually'. emma thompson ripped my heart out. i could totally feel her pain. especially since earlier in the film she "warns" her husband about his (to her) obvious attraction. she is an amazing actress (and she was in 'impromptu' as well!)

At 7/26/2006 08:24:00 PM, Anonymous Glassmeow said...

...and Alan!!! How could you not say anything about Alan Rickman in Love, Actually? His Bad Harry is what Emma is crying over for Pete's sake!*

Okay...mini rant over.

..and here I was all ready to send you the Metatron fridge magnet for your other movie post. Mmmf! I'll have to think 'bout it :/

*Okay...for the truly Rickman obsessed note that the scene after the party where they're getting ready for bed - he's got jammies on. Later when Emma's character is still awake - no jammies.

At 7/26/2006 08:46:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I'm really surprised that more of my female readers haven't commented. Huh.

MARNI: I knew that was your favorite film, so I had to include it. We need to watch it together one time and drink. A lot.

HAAHNSTER: I'd take either set of long curls.

PATRICK: Yes, it is. Love it.

BRAT: Look at my profile photo. Note all the natural curls ... curls that rarely look good, like Andie's, when my hair is long. I want her curls. Emma never disappoints, does she?

GLASSMEOW: I do love Mr. Rickman in Love Actually, but he does break Emma's heart. And I'm gonna watch for the jammies!

At 7/27/2006 02:13:00 AM, Blogger barista brat said...

i don't know, beth...
i thought her hair looked like a brillo pad in that film. i've seen your pics on your blog and i've never once thought there was a scrubby atop your head.

At 7/27/2006 08:45:00 AM, Anonymous HollyC said...

Emma is GREAT, Andi is, well, odd, she seems very affected, especially in Four Weddings, but I do love that movie. She is much better suited for Groundhog Day, which I also love.
But you have MUCH better hair than she does, haven't you seen her commercials--she colors hers!
You don't!

At 7/27/2006 08:47:00 AM, Anonymous HollyC said...

oh, oh, points off. I think I chose the wrong spelling of effected. (But you know what I meant) Still haven't had my coffee


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