18 April 2007

I’m Gonna Make It After All

So, life’s been a bit rough lately. A workload that’s much too heavy, topped off with bitchy, petty people being quite bitchy and petty. Spring weather that frustratingly comes and goes. Weird (yet highly entertaining) goings-on in the romance department. Ten pounds that weren’t there three months ago.

Ugh. I hate my whiny, grumpy self ... but the grump-ass coup was getting close. Damn close. Until this morning.

I was MTM’ed.

Yes, the multi-talented Coaster Punchman fulfilled a desire I’ve had for months: He called to sing the Paul Williams-penned theme to “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” A private performance of CP’s song-and-piano classic (great voice, BTW). He took a nothing day, and suddenly made it all seem worthwhile.

Sadly/happily, I missed the call. Sadly, because I would have loved to listen live and squeal and applaud. Happily, because it’s now stored in my voice mailbox, and I get to listen over and over and over. I played it for the girls; they swooned. I bragged about it to the boys; they sighed.

And now I know it's time I started living, it's time I let someone else do some giving. But first I have to teach a writing class.

* * * * * *

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At 4/19/2007 05:13:00 AM, Blogger Dale said...

So are you saying that getting an MTM can help me lose 10 pounds too? Everytime I hear about CP's service, I don't clip an angel's wings as they fly by. Damn you CP!

At 4/19/2007 10:05:00 AM, Blogger Tanya Espanya said...

Brava! Keep on trucking, girl, spring has sprung!

At 4/19/2007 10:39:00 AM, Blogger haahnster said...

Mary Tyler Moore SUCKED!!!

How's that for "bitchy and petty"?

Also, I'm pretty sure I was supposed to put that question mark inside the quotation marks (like this: ?"). But, I hate that and refuse to do it.

Enjoy your day!!!!

At 4/19/2007 10:43:00 AM, Blogger haahnster said...

PS - Just kidding about the MTM sucked thing. I haven't seen that show since I was like 9 years old, so I don't remember how good/bad it was.

I do hate putting question marks inside quotation marks, though. Unless I'm actually quoting a question.

OK, I'll go back to work now.

At 4/19/2007 01:21:00 PM, Blogger Coaster Punchman said...

Boy am I glad you said you were joking, Haahnster! You would not want to conjure up the wrath of CP with that kind of talk about our beloved Goddess of Light!

Beth, anytime, really.

Dale, that may be the first time I've been cursed for doing a good deed. Well maybe not the first. I did vote for Gore.

At 4/19/2007 08:52:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

DALE: If getting MTM'ed will knock 10 pounds off my @ss, I'll sign up for a weekly call. Hell, I might anyway; it's that entertaining.

TANYA: And I'm as perky as Mary Tyler Moore at this moment ...

HAAHNSTER: Do NOT mock that goddess, you wee child. She is a role model. She is sublime. She is Mary Tyler Moore.

HAAHNSTER: Did you read my ditty about the quotation mark and question mark? Good. Pop quiz in the a.m.

COASTER PUNCHMAN: You may come to regret that "anytime."

At 4/21/2007 03:20:00 AM, Blogger Mountjoy said...

Now if only CP had remembered the theme to Rhoda (the MTM spin off) he would have blinded you with some pretty cool obsurity, too.

Except I dont think anyone remembers the theme to Rhoda. I sure don't.

Your blog's a nice read, Beth.

At 4/22/2007 12:54:00 AM, Blogger Dale said...

It had a lot of la la la la las in it. The Rhoda theme.

At 4/22/2007 03:36:00 AM, Blogger Melinda June said...

The fact that I remember the themesong to Rhoda has been dubbed one of my superpowers. If only it were as marketable as MTMing.

At 4/23/2007 05:28:00 PM, Blogger Tenacious S said...

Hang in there! I was MTMed once and it was such a delightful surprise.

At 4/23/2007 07:02:00 PM, Blogger Grant Miller said...

You are a lucky woman.

At 4/23/2007 10:43:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

MOUNTJOY: Didn't Rhoda use a voiceover, about her moving back to New York? And thank you; come back again!

DALE: The Cup theme has a lot of la la la la las in it, too.

MELINDA JUNE: Maybe you've found your niche ...

TENACIOUS S: The MTM'ing turned it around. The sky is blue again and birds are now chirping.

GRANT MILLER: One helluva lucky woman, Miller.


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