25 August 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Saw it. Loved it. Laughed. A lot.
See it. Love it. Laugh. A lot.
Thank me later.



At 8/25/2006 09:24:00 PM, Blogger Dale said...

That's me running to catch the bus to Georgia Beth!! Maybe someday, haha.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit fearful from parts of the trailer that it might be trying too hard but Toni Collette and the gang? Quality stuff.

At 8/25/2006 11:11:00 PM, Anonymous dayle said...

I have tried to see it twice and it has been sold out both times! Must see it soon!

At 8/26/2006 05:42:00 AM, Blogger barista brat said...

i saw it two weeks ago and my boyfriend and i still laugh whenever we think of the 'talent scene'.

alan arkin was great.

At 8/26/2006 10:20:00 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Ahhhh . . . I have fond memories of the theater. Sadly, I haven't been in quite a while. I did watch The World's Fastest Indian on the ol' dvd player last night. It was actually quite good. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

At 8/26/2006 02:30:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

This is one of the few movies out that I'm anxious to see. Glad to hear people liked it!

At 8/26/2006 05:38:00 PM, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I still laugh whenever I think of that horn blaring.

At 8/27/2006 04:29:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

DALE: Georgia is almost worth the bus ride. Have you seen the movie? If not, go, my son.

DAYLE: Fandango, my child.

BRAT: I had an inkling what her "talent" would be ... but I still laughed. Harder than I've laughed in a long time. And Alan Arkin is always great. He's a Second City cofounder, you know.

JEREMY: See, that's why I chose not to have children; I couldn't gigve up my theater-going experiences. Oh, that, and the no-husband thing.

CHRIS: I've gotten a glimpse of your humor; you'll enjoy it.


At 8/28/2006 07:50:00 AM, Blogger David Amulet said...

I've liked Greg Kinnear since he hosted "Talk Soup." I'm gladhe's getting good scripts.

--- david

At 8/28/2006 08:12:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

DAVID: I've been a Greg Kinnear fan since then, too; he nailed "snarky" on that version of the show. I saw The Matador with Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan a couple of weeks ago; enjoyed it.

At 9/03/2006 02:55:00 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Just saw the film Beth (I actually went to a theatre -- gasp!) = you were right, laughed a lot and just great fun. Everyone was excellent in it.


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