28 December 2008

Twelve Shades of Awesome

The Christmas season brought many things into my world: parties and prezzies, friends and family, imbibement and indulgence. Damn, it’s been a great holiday in my world.

Santa also brought me a much-anticipated blogger meet-up — with the headbanging, calculating* Mathdude, who was in town visiting brother Tony Alva**.

I’ve been a fan of Mathdude since before he started blogging. In fact, I pushed him to start*** after he started smart-alecking his way through my comment boxes. We’ve attempted a couple meet-ups, so I was determined to make it to the the face-to-face this time****.

Mathdude and Cup, about to walk into a brick wall.
Little birdies chirped and swirled around our heads
just seconds later as we bounced off the wall.

And so we met for brunch. We noshed and dished. He told great stories of his storied past with the above-mentioned brother or on his own. He even charmed me and avoided whining about my word verification in the comment box. If he hadn’t had to hit the road for that four-hour drive north, I would have squired him around my little corner of the world. He’s a helluva lot of fun.

In summary: Mathdude is cool. Tall and cute. Tells a good tale. Needs to actually listen to those R.E.M. CDs*****.

That's all I got for ya!

* In a math, not an evil, way.
** Bro Alva didn’t make it to brunch. It was raining. And sis broke the chair.
*** Yes, it’s my partially fault. I apologize. Or accept your accolades.
**** Though he didn’t let me know until Tuesday he was headed to town.
***** But he left me with a most excellent CD.

* * * * * *

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25 December 2008

All I Want for Christmas

The only Mariah Carey song I like:

* * * * * *

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24 December 2008

Another Cup of Christmas Cheer

Here's another favorite Christmas classic. This is the first song I play every holiday season. No better way to kick it off than with Dean Martin and "The Christmas Blues."

Happy Christmas, my lovelies.

* * * * * *

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23 December 2008

One of My Favorite Christmas Songs

I never found the time to put together a Christmas mix tape for y'all, and I'm sorry. To get you through the next couple days, here's one of my very favorite tunes:

Thanks, Filegod!

* * * * * *

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18 December 2008

I Enjoy Being a Girl

The beginning of this week was one to be filed under “Horrific.” Imagine your worst nightmare coming to life. That would be Tuesday.

So, how did I get over it? Why, by cocktailing and baubling, of course.

One of my favorite local baublers, August Miller, had a trunk show at a local restaurant last night, and I couldn’t miss out the opportunity to rejuve the soul. And rejuve I did, with the best mojito I’ve had in years — and these lovelies:

August made the earrings while I mojito’ed.

August’s jewelry can also be found in New York, Chicago, and Nashville — and, of course, online. If you’re on Facebook, check out I (heart) August Miller Design Jewelry.
A mojito. A great sale on handmade jewelry. Girl talk. Damn, I really enjoy being a girl.

* * * * * *

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08 December 2008

The Bucket List: A Semi-meme

My sister e-mailed this to me. I’m too busy writing and being creative at work, so this slack-a**ed blogger decided to turn it into a blogpost.

Here’s The Bucket List of things I have or have not done throughout my life. If I haven't done it, the line is in green.

    Gone on a blind date
    Skipped school
    Watched someone die
    Been to Canada
    Been to Mexico
    Been to Florida
    Spent the night on three or more continents
    Been on a plane
    Deep-sea dived
    Been lost
    Been on the opposite side of the country
    Gone to Washington, D.C.
    Swam in the ocean
    Wasted too much time on Facebook
    Cried yourself to sleep
    Gone parking post-college
    Played cops and robbers
    Recently colored with crayons
    Been overseas
    Ridden a motorcycle
    Driven a motorcycle
    Sang karaoke
    Paid for a meal with coins only
    Talked to your pets
    Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
    Fallen in love more than once
    Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
    Laughed until you peed your pants
    Run a marathon
    Caught a snowflake on your tongue
    Learned a second language
    Danced in the rain
    Been on television
    Been on the radio
    Been in the newspaper
    Been in a movie
    Written a letter to Santa Claus
    Been kissed under the mistletoe
    Walked with the back of my skirt tucked into my panties
    Spent a birthday alone
    Been married
    Watched the sunrise with someone
    Blown bubbles
    Seen the Grand Canyon
    Gone ice skating
    Been skinny dipping outdoors
    Gone to the movies by yourself
    Gone to a concert by yourself
Some of the greens are on my to-do list before my fiftieth birthday — just three months away! Can you think of others to add to the list? Or feeling like playing along on your blog?

* * * * * *

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