10 March 2009

And So It Begins

I came home to this:

Yes, I’m turning fifty in two weeks — now the age of the aged, at least in the mind of the AARP. And yet … it’s not. I feel younger, more carefree, happier than the me who turned forty. Maybe that's why The Buzzcocks are singing AARP's tune.

There are things I want to do — or do differently — during my new decade. I’ve put a bit too much energy into my job, and my job really doesn’t define me.

Show of hands of those who know what I do. That’s what I thought — maybe seven of you. Of course, I may have just seven readers after my sporadic performance these last six months.

I want to learn Italian, maybe French. I’ve always wanted to play guitar. I need to travel more. Dance regularly. Meet and mingle every damn day. Skydive, bungee, live on the edge.

Blogging regularly is another thing I’d like to try in my fiftieth year — but don’t hold your breath quite yet. There are rumors, however, of the return of a once-popular segment, coming my birthday week.

So. I’m trying to be back. Pray to the blog gods that I stay off Facebook long enough to post.

Yep, after avoiding it for two years, I’ve become addicted to Facebook. Are you on Facebook? Friend me! You’ll get to see my face.

And now I must check out Coaster Punchman’s new series.

* * * * * *

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