27 March 2008

Why I Love R.E.M.: Reason #73

Their brave steps to come out of the closet:

Thank you, cousin Jamey!

While we're in startling announcement mode: There may not be a mix tape ready when you get up in the a.m. Favorite Boy outdid himself with the birthday festivities, and I'm still a bit too swoony to focus on putting the post together. I may get it up by tomorrow evening ... if I don't get too swirled with Swirly Girl, that is.

Don't forget: Accelerate comes out Tuesday, so make plans to line up at your neighborhood record shop early.

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At 3/27/2008 09:05:00 PM, Blogger Moxie said...

That's funny as hell. I think everyone should hold press conferences for random events, such as "I am here to confirm that I am, indeed, lactose intolerant." Or draft press releases for major family events, such as post-surgery updates or pregnancy rumors.

At 3/27/2008 10:52:00 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Michael made that just for your birthday didn't he? There are no missteps. :-)

At 3/28/2008 03:04:00 AM, Anonymous m said...

i still can't belive peter buck and mike mills came out of the closet. michael is right; it was a really brave thing to do--and also quite shocking.

beth--did you shed a tear when you heard that peter wasn't gay?

wait--is "Favorite Boy" peterfuckingbuck??!!

At 3/28/2008 03:34:00 PM, Anonymous Republican Televangelist protector of marriage guy said...

I would like to let the American people know that, though I take a wide stance in the mens room, I am not gay. Though I tap my foot in the stall, that does not make me gay. Having sex with a male prostitute and smoking crank, does not make me a sodomite. Blowing teenage male interns in the Senate cloakroom in no way means I am an Alternate Lifestyle Practitioner. Giving White House Press credentials to a male prostitute using an assumed name does not mean I support the "Gay Agenda". I would like to thank my wife for standing by me through 25 years of Douchebaggery. Oh, and God bless America

At 3/28/2008 05:31:00 PM, Blogger Grant Miller said...

That's really funny.

At 3/28/2008 06:49:00 PM, Blogger Gifted Typist said...

That's brilliant.

Do you remember a show called Kids in the Hall (Scott Thompson) in which they did a skit on the Hetero Pride Parade. Parents joined kids in a march. The parents said they'd love and continue to stand by their "out" hetero kids. There were hetero flags, music and celebrations.

At 3/28/2008 06:59:00 PM, Anonymous HollyC said...

Now I'm REALLY confused, but VERY happy you are still swooning from your birthday with favorite guy.
(not boy). Hope he is still swooning too.

At 3/28/2008 09:49:00 PM, Anonymous Favoriteboy said...

Love a confused hollyc. Beth gives great birthday by the way. Greetings to The Chitmaster.

At 3/29/2008 10:56:00 AM, Blogger Coaster Punchman said...

I like that. That's almost as good as when kd lang told her audience she was Lebaneze.

At 3/29/2008 10:13:00 PM, Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hope your swoooniness passes soon. But what a way to celebrate!

At 3/30/2008 01:03:00 AM, Blogger Johnny Yen said...

That was brilliant!

It reminds me of my best friends' first recollection of me (post to follow).

Mike Mills is quite straight-- my old girlfriend Karol and her best friend in college at the University of Indiana got backstage at an REM show there in mid eighties, and Mike invited them both back to his hotel room. They demurred. But hey, at least his taste in women is good.

At 3/30/2008 01:01:00 PM, Blogger Jewgirl said...

That is hysterical! Yo'mans is so sexy, girl and clever. He totally gets the joke. Isn't that part of why we love him?! Nobody loves him like you do, Bethy. NOBODY.


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