01 April 2008

Live from Rockefeller Plaza

In case you missed R.E.M. this morning on the “Today” show:

Losing My Religion

Supernatural Superserious

It’s a weeklong Accelerate celebration — I guess that’s an Acceleration!

* * * * * *

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At 4/02/2008 07:06:00 AM, Anonymous filegod1 said...

very good record, hope it got you swaying. Love Mr. Al Roker in the clip dancing hard.

At 4/02/2008 11:37:00 AM, Anonymous paul said...

I thought I heard Matt say they were going to do three songs. Did YouTube gyp you?

At 4/02/2008 12:47:00 PM, Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Happy REM week to you, Beth! I've been hearing so many great things about this album and am so happy for you and for your beloveds.

btw Stipey looks so cute without the strange blue raccoon mask he was wearing last time I saw them.

At 4/02/2008 05:13:00 PM, Anonymous Bluez said...

I thought of you when I saw this yesterday. Lucky for me I don't have to be in to work until 10 am.!

At 4/02/2008 06:26:00 PM, Blogger Artful Dodger said...

I bought my Accelerate CD today. It's been on continuous play all day. Now I have to rip and copy it to every mp3 player I've got.

At 4/02/2008 09:42:00 PM, Blogger Eebie said...

Had I known, I would have gone, damn.

At 4/03/2008 10:34:00 AM, Blogger BeckEye said...

NYC. Hey, look! That's me in the corner. That's me at the bus stop, losing it on a pigeon.

Ha ha, made you look. I don't get up that early. Maybe if Eddie V ever plays the Today show.

At 4/03/2008 04:38:00 PM, Anonymous Bird Man of Alcatraz said...

losing it on a pigeon indeed. Brilliant line Ms. beckeye

At 4/03/2008 05:29:00 PM, Blogger Tony Alva said...

You girl are in HEAVEN!!!

I look forward to hearing it all the way through.

At 4/04/2008 04:38:00 PM, Blogger Moxie said...

As usual, Beckeye made me laugh. Bless her heart.

I really like this song - have it on my MP3 player, thanks to you, Ms. Coffey.


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