02 July 2007

You Want to Know More About Me?

So it seems, even after this, and this, and this, and this, I’ve been tagged to tell you eight more random facts about me. By Write Procrastinator. Gizmorox. And (sort of) Beckeye.

Does that mean I have to spill twenty-four beans? I must honor the blogger code, so twenty-four it is. To make it easier on you (and easier for me), I’m splitting them up by tagger: eight bookish things for Write Procrastinator, eight musical notes for Gizmorox, and eight dishy tidbits for Beckeye.

Eight Bookish Things About Me

1. One room in my place is literally filled with books — boxes and boxes of books, chin-high, packed alphabetically by author, of course. Rough count of thirty-two boxes, in addition to the three filled bookcases. But that’s not all; there are books in every room, even the bathrooms (quick reads).

2. Ninety-five percent of what I read is fiction. I enjoy nonfiction — especially histories and biographies — but I guess I prefer slipping away to another world. My favorite book so far this year, though, is a memoir: Love Is a Mix Tape.

3. When I was in fourth grade, I won the Best Haiku award for this:

Fuji is alone
Fuji is alone today
Poor, poor old Fuji

Left by all the trees
Left by all the little birds
Fuji is alone.

For you non-literary types, that's about Japan's Mount Fuji. Damn, I was hawt and talented.

4. Like every other blogger out there, I dream of becoming a celebrated author, someone to be praised by Baby Got Books. However, my fear that I’ll be less Donna Tartt/more Danielle Steel keeps the stories in my head and away from the pen.

5. Right after this photo was taken at (sadly, now defunct) Oxford Books:

Jack Hanna asked if I wanted to be his Atlanta girlfriend.

6. Although I must have music playing when I’m working, when I’m driving, when I’m breathing … I like to read in a very quiet room.

7. I have never belonged to a book club. I’d like to, I guess, but I’d hate to get in one of those groups that always picks a sucky book, or has a member who tries to be too Diane Chambers when talking about the book. I’d rather talk about a book with my friends.

8. Two of my favorite authors read my posts about them during the last couple of months … and I have the PDF’ed Sitemeter stats to prove it.

Eight Musical Notes About Me

1. R.E.M. is my favorite band. (You were guessing Supertramp, weren’t you?) Wilco is quickly moving into the second slot.

2. My dreams have soundtracks. My brain operates like my iPod on shuffle, picking random songs to play in my head as I sleep. And, like my iPod, it doesn’t always pick the best songs. Nothing worse than waking up after a night of Bon Jovi and Skynyrd.

3. I have a not-so-secret (and innocent) crush on a blogger, in part because he sends me at least five MP3 albums every week. I’m considering marrying him, then quickly divorcing him in a dastardly attempt to gain custody of his 350+ gigs of music.

4. Good music and a car ride can change my mood. When the Beloved Ex and I broke up, I cried on the sofa for 30 minutes … then grabbed a CD of MP3s, hopped in my car, and drove around until 2 a.m., listening to and singing along with some of my favorite songs, the sunroof open, the hair blown wild. By the time I got home, I was okay and could sleep.

5. I once pissed off Richard Hell. We went to a showing of Smithereens at the High Museum of Art back in 1982. As my friends and I were walking out, I was talking about how I liked him in the movie, but he left me with the same urge I had for Keith Richards: I wanted to get a white washcloth and scrub his face to see how much dirt came off. Mr. Hell, who (unbeknownst to moi) was there for the showing, was walking next to us, heard me, and glared at me all the way to our car. I still feel bad about that.

6. Of all the rockstar beaux in my dreams, Keith Richards is always the sweetest boyfriend.

7. I’ve hugged the wee, adorable Rufus Wainwright. He opened for Roxy Music several years ago (sadly, he wasn’t wearing lederhosen), and worked his own merch table after his set. I was so excited to meet him, I couldn’t help myself. I’m sure that squealy hug was the highlight of his East Coast swing.

8. I once kissed Warren Zevon. I’ll tell that story one day.

Eight Dishy Morsels About Me

1. Julia Roberts and I went to the same high school. No, I didn’t know her, but I babysat some of the girls who became friends with her at good ol’ CHS.

2. I was on ABC Nightly News in October 1991. I got to ride in the convertible with David Justice during the city’s World Series parade, and my best friend saw the clip of me sitting next to David.

3. I’ve made two very good friends through the blog — two friends I chat with regularly and see often (well, one lives three thousand miles away, so I see her when I can). There are, at last count, twelve bloggers I hope to meet in person one day soon.

4. I’ve lost one good friend over a post on this blog. The post was about someone I work with (which was obvious, and she knew about that drama), but she thought I was writing about her and thus wrote me a Dear John (Jane?) letter.

5. Jimmy Carter and his family went to our church when he was guv’nuh of this great state. One morning between Sunday school and church, I was drinking at the water fountain outside the santuary, and kept hearing my mom apologize to someone. When my thirst was quenched, I found that my little black patents had been stomping the hell out of the tips of Jimmy’s wingtips. Much to my great disappointment, the future president’s bodyguards didn’t wrestle me to the ground; I guess my twelve-year-old self wasn’t very threatening.

6. I loved the puka-wearing David Cassidy with all my heart when I was in the sixth grade, and my mom took my sister and me to meet him. He was sitting at a table, and the weeping, screaming throng lined up to shake his hand. My sister slipped him her class photo, with our phone number on the back, but the b*stard never called.

7. I made Mick Jagger laugh. They were filming Freejack in downtown Atlanta, on the street where I was temping that day. I grabbed my sack lunch and (with about a thousand others) went out to watch The Other Glimmer Twin. While they were setting up a shot, Mick was standing on a trailer, filming the crowd. As he panned to me, without even thinking about it, I pulled out a carrot and fellated it. Mick laughed and gave me a thumbs-up. My mother is always proud to tell that story.

8. I can’t watch scary movies. They make me cry and I can’t sit in my theater seat. I hate waiting for something to jump out; I can’t handle that tension. That being said, I love the Evil Dead trilogy … because Bruce Campbell is a god.

Now I’m supposed to tag others. Twenty-four of you, I guess. That’s too much work, and many of you have already completed this meme. So, if you have yet to tackle this one, get inspired by all this trivial info and post your eight interesting things.

And if you’ve never visited the blogs of Write Procrastinator, Gizmorox, or Beckeye, do yourself a favor and stop by today.

* * * * * *

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At 7/02/2007 11:49:00 PM, Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

Dang! Three times the meme, three times the fun!

"One room in my place is literally filled with books — boxes and boxes of books, chin-high, packed alphabetically by author, of course."

I have to show this to the Missus and say "see? Things could be much worse."

"I enjoy nonfiction"

Though it varies by degrees, all literature is fiction.

Before any of the scandals of the past three years, I can't believe that anyone would accept everything that an author submits as 100% fact. Even if they were in the room for most of the events, they still had to; eat, use the facilities, go to sleep or go home.

Even if they have correspondence to back up most of what they write, it is still someone's viewpoint and that someone's account maybe compromised.

"For you non-literary types, that's about Japan's Mount Fuji."

And I thought it was film, sitting lonely in a camera...

"I like to read in a very quiet room."

Amen, Sister! Amen!

At 7/02/2007 11:54:00 PM, Blogger BeckEye said...

Just how big is Mick Jagger's mouth, up close?

I used to think that my dreams had soundtracks, but then I realized that I had just slept through my alarm and instead of waking up to the music, I was incorporating the songs into my dreams. And then I was late for wherever I was going.

At 7/02/2007 11:57:00 PM, Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

"Of all the rockstar beaux in my dreams, Keith Richards is always the sweetest boyfriend."

Um, I'm gonna leave that one alone like I didn't make a Carson-esque quip about Hanna.

O-M-G! I just...the carrot...wow, for the first time in my life, I almost wrote the acronymn for rolling on the floor!

Verily, an excellent meme!

At 7/03/2007 12:52:00 AM, Blogger barista brat said...

i can't ever read enough about you!

i actually watched smithereens on tv last month, and i thought it was really, really bad.

and btw - thank you for teaching me a new word. i must now try and figure out how to work "fellated" into a conversation.

At 7/03/2007 01:58:00 AM, Blogger Moxie said...

That was really fascinating! And I aspire to be one of the bloggers you wish to meet in person someday.

I could see you putting together a great book of essays on music and/or books. You are a wealth of knowledge on both subjects. Everyone knows I'm right about this.

I've been feeling pretty honest lately (in addition to feeling prolific) so maybe I will tackle these memes on my blog. Stay tuned!

At 7/03/2007 08:25:00 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Man, that was chock-full of info! Great stuff, Beth!

At 7/03/2007 08:49:00 AM, Blogger Dan said...

Oh my God!! You're like the Forrest Gump of the blogosphere ... you have managed to get yourself into some amazing situations. But man, pissing off Richard Hell! Goodness. Isn't that the worst luck! Thanks to you, if I'm ever about to say something negative about Richard Hell, I'm going to look around first and make sure he's not around.

By the way, I adore "Blank Generation".

Hugs Beth.

At 7/03/2007 09:54:00 AM, Blogger Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

"...without even thinking about it, I pulled out a carrot and fellated it."

You have interesting whims!

At 7/03/2007 12:57:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

WRITE PROCRASTINATOR: It's true; every work of nonfiction has some sort of spin. It's very hard for us to take ourselves out of the written equation. I have to edit my work closely here at work to make sure it's objective ... but sometimes I slip in something not-so-objective. (P.S. I can send photos of the book boxes if that helps your case with Mrs. WP.)

BECKEYE: I had to stop the music alarm because I kept sleeping and dream-dancing. I wake up to one of those irritating chirps. Or my cats racing across my torso.

WRITE PROCRASTINATOR, PART DEUX: Oh, go ahead and Carson the Hanna. And I'm glad I had you LYAO.

At 7/03/2007 01:00:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

BARISTA BRAT: You flatter me so; I've missed you! Now use "fellate" in a sentence ... preferably while you're working at the bux.

MOXIE: We should set up a blogger convention somewhere. I loved your eight, BTW.

CHRIS: Thanks, happy sir!

DAN: First, you question my scientific knowledge. Now you're comparing me to a half-wit. And I thought you loved me. (BTW, I adore "Blank Generation," too.)

BLOWING UP SHIT WITH GAS: That's why the boys love me, Blowin'.

At 7/03/2007 01:24:00 PM, Blogger Dan said...

Beth, I didn't mean it that way! I couldn't think of another character who had the knack of walking into history like he did.

Forgive me? :(

At 7/03/2007 01:26:00 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Forgiven, cuteness. Zelig did a good job, too.

At 7/03/2007 03:12:00 PM, Blogger Artful Dodger said...

So am I one of the bloggie people you'd meet? (Bats eyelids) Loved the poem btw. No wonder your posting are so lovely. You started early. I had to stop listening to music to wake up too. Now I made a mix tape of movie clips that are ultra loud and play on surround sound to wake me up. Imagine waking up to the T-Rex scene from Jurrasic Park in the morning. MTG hates it though. So it gives me more incentive to keep it to wake up to. >:} Now where is that room service? I'm starving here.

At 7/03/2007 03:22:00 PM, Blogger Bubs said...

Those lists and all the items in them were wonderful! I'm always amazed at people who keep brushing up against fame.

At 7/03/2007 04:02:00 PM, Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

If I get the chance to engage Rufus in a hug after stalking him at the folk festival this summer, I will demand to know who gives better hugs, me or you?

We all know who rules the carrot.

I shall have to fill my kid in on the Richard Hell story - she is ALL about Richard Hell these days.

At 7/03/2007 06:24:00 PM, Blogger justacoolcat said...

Those 8 things memes are spreading faster than Paris Hilton out of jail.

So what did you say to Jack? Please say it was something like "I can't be tamed"

At 7/03/2007 09:04:00 PM, Blogger chelene said...

This was a great meme! I told two of my friends at work about the Mick Jagger/carrot story and we all agreed that you rock, Beth. That's just fantastic.

At 7/03/2007 09:06:00 PM, Blogger Jeremy said...

8 things? I can't remember things that happened today. You are superior in most ways . . . except stalking. You are no good at stalking.

At 7/04/2007 12:29:00 AM, Blogger jewgirl said...

you are thoroughly fascinating and hilar. you're a quirk pot wrapped in a riddle. I love your life experiences so far. you're not afraid to take a plunge. I so admire that.

At 7/04/2007 03:57:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

ARTFUL DODGER: Battin' those pretties worked; you're on the list. And thank you for the haiky compliment; I can now count you and Mrs. Morrison as fans.

BUBS: I've had a few Brushes with Greatness. I started that series last summer ... and it never really went anywhere. I'll have to resurrect it next time I get blog ennui.

BARBARA: The Rufus challenge is ON! Be sure to tell your daughter I still feel bad about Richard Hell overhearing me.

At 7/04/2007 04:02:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

JUST A COOL CAT: I wish I'd been that clever. I think it was something adult and empowering, like a silly giggle and an "Oh, Jack!".

CHELENE: I like thinking that moment is still preserved on film at Mr. Jagger's place, and he shows it when Keef and the boys come over to hang out, sort of his own personal Girls Gone Wild.

JEREMY: I'm horrible at stalking? So, should I tell folks you're wearing your Oscar Wilde boxers tonight?

JEWGIRL: High compliment coming from you! I have taken a few plunges in my day. My motto is: Will it make a good story later? Good thing I discovered blogging.

At 7/04/2007 01:38:00 PM, Blogger Coaster Punchman said...

Always glad to get to know you better. You're definitely one of the bloggers I'd like to meet!

At 7/04/2007 08:33:00 PM, Blogger Allison said...

I wasn't around for the other meme's so I learned quite a bit through this one.

I would love to have a room filled with books. Someday. I would also love to hear this story about Warren Zevon :)

At 7/06/2007 12:22:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

COASTER PUNCHMAN: You're on that list ... and I hope to be in NYC by the end of the year. I hear many cocktails calling our names.

ALLISON: The Zevon story is coming soon, hopefully by the end of the month.

At 7/06/2007 11:03:00 AM, Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...


While you over at my place, I'm over here, quel suprise! Thanks for the book box pic offer, but I need to break down and buy two large bookcases.

At 7/08/2007 04:26:00 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Loved your responses Beth to all 10,000 questions! Math is not my strong suit.

At 7/12/2007 08:29:00 PM, Blogger Michael K said...

So... Are you Jack Hannah's Atlanta lady or what? If I was gay (or female ) I'd totally be into some Jack Hannah action. Especially if he was a big REM dork.


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